Wade Times Two

Wade has now more than doubled in pounds since I first met him.

Day one, Wade weighed 12 measly pounds!

IMG_2164Wade weighs 30 pounds now… And he’s going to double AGAIN by the time he’s done growing!

His 4 month birthday just passed without much of a fuss. He’s starting to lose his baby teeth, and so far I’ve only found one. (I’m keeping a close eye out for those canines! Maybe use them as sewing needles in the future… Kidding.)

Wade has a few tricks under his belt now. He can sit, stay, lay down, shake, wave, and roll over. I’ve been slacking on his formal training recently, but I have been maintaining his basic obedience.

Working with more and more people and their dogs, I’ve been noticing some trends…

Plus, puppy class is adorable!

Plus, puppy class is adorable!

One: Not enough people bring their puppies to any sort of training!

I’m not just saying this because I’m a dog trainer.

Even if your puppy has excellent basic obedience skills and hasn’t had an accident in the house, you should still go to some form of puppy training. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet other puppies, and the socialization is in the best possible environment. It’s invaluable to hear what your local trainer has to offer, and get that puppy to meet as many other dogs as possible! Dog parks are great, and dogs of friends and family are fantastic, but your puppy should meet tons of new and unfamiliar dogs! Puppy classes are perfect because it’s a very safe environment to meet other dogs.

Two: Puppy classes aren’t enough.

The entire world is your dog’s classroom. It should be learning everywhere it goes! Your dog should be learning throughout it’s life! Never stop training your dog. Every minute you spend together, you can be teaching your dog something.

Wade reminds me every day to enjoy life... He sure does!

Wade reminds me every day to enjoy life… He sure does!

Your dog will teach you everything it possibly can. Return the favor.

I’m not suggesting you constantly train your dog new tricks, (although I’m definitely not discouraging it,) I’m suggesting that you constantly be working toward something new. Work toward a quicker sit, a longer stay, a more distraction-filled environment, keep challenging your dog!

Wade: Morning 2

ImageThis morning was much better. After a rough day yesterday, we both needed a good night’s sleep.

Wade slept from 11pm all the way until 5:30am. After a quick trip outside to go potty, he fell asleep again until around 7:30, waking up only occasionally to try to play. He got part of his breakfast, (and sneakily, his flea/tick/heartworm preventative) in a Kong this morning.

He cracks me up how affectionate and polite he is with me, (maybe it’s because I do this for a living,) but how much of a little monster he can be to others! We’ll have to keep working on his socialization, and crack down on being polite with others.


ImageOn another note, my veteranarian made me pretty mad yesterday. I was pushed into buying some “package” that included most of what he already had. I asked the Vet-Tech, “Isn’t that most of what he already has? The vet said it wouldn’t really financially be worth it.”

She responded with, “No. She’s wrong.”

No. You’re wrong. Wade does not need to be neutered twice, and does not need to be microchipped twice. He’s also already had two rounds of vaccinations, and doesn’t need those again.

The vet also freaked me out, telling me that Wade probably didn’t have enough vaccinations to be going outside. I just about lost it. “I HAVE TO DO POTTY TRAINING INSIDE!?!?!?” That’s not realistic. He’s already been going outside, and he’s doing fantastic! There’s no way I’m messing that up!

After speaking with the shelter, they put my mind at ease. Wade has plenty of vaccinations to be able to go outside safely. There’s no need to have him cooped up all of his life.

I’m a little upset at that vet, and will be returning today to throw acid in their faces and spit on their floor.

Wade’s First Vet Visit

Photo 2013-05-29 05.31.12 PMWade’s first vet visit was today…


I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting to be overwhelmed by the trip to the vet. I’m still not sure what vaccinations he’s already had, so I’m reluctant to give him anything until I find out exactly what he’s already had…

Pet insurance seems like a great idea, and I’m definitely going to invest in it.

As a reward for  a fantastic vet visit, (clean bill of health, was very affectionate to the nurses that interacted with him, and had no problem with the veteranarian handling him,) Wade also got his first collar.

He’s been sleeping quite a bit, but plays HARD while he is awake.

Lesson learned: Do not under-estimate the cost of vaccinations…