Wade’s Tummy Problems…

Well I messed up. I’ll admit it. Wade paid for it… So did I, in a way…

I switched Wade’s food too fast.

This stuff works. (Anything that is specifically formulated for pets and uses enzymes seems to be effective.)

This stuff works.
(Anything that is specifically formulated for pets and uses enzymes seems to be effective.)

Rookie mistake! I know.

It was an honest accident. I bought a giant bag of puppy food, thinking it was the same one, and it wasn’t. I figured, “they’re the same brand, basically the same thing… The new one’s just not grain free.”

Sorry Wade.

It was a normal night. I fed him his new food, (mixed with… a little bit of his old food.) That night, I came back from a night out with friends to discover that Wade had made me a rather large present of… Well… Loose stool.

I didn’t think much of it, (stupid,) cleaned it up, made a huge mental note to get some pet cleaner with enzymes, and slept on the couch with Wade.

3am: I’m awoken to sounds of a puppy attempting to throw up on my face. (I wish I was exaggerating.) Got up to take him outside, and discovered three piles of more loose stool.

An hour of scrubbing the carpet later, and we were back to bed.

The next day, I fed him plain white rice with some low sodium chicken broth, hoping that would quickly end our woes. He threw it all up.

So I called the vet, (they told me he might have Parvo,) and quickly realized, “Why am I calling the vet?”

One happy pup!

So I just went and bought his old food. He’s been fine ever since.

The moral of the story is: Switching your dog to new food is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

The proper way to introduce new food is (probably) on the side of your bag of dog food.

Start by feeding your dog 25% new food, and 75% old food.

In about 5 days, move to 50/50.

Another 5 days, you can go 75% new food, 25% old food.

After about two weeks, you can proudly say you switched your dog’s food properly!

Everyone makes mistakes. It happens. The best thing you can do? Tell your pup you’re sorry, and buy him/her a new toy. It’ll make you feel better… (Because your dog has already forgotten about it and forgiven you.)

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